4 ways to bring hygge into your living room

How to choose your living room furniture to make your home feel cosy.

  Bring hygge into your living room.

Hygge describes more than just the appearance of a space, but the feel of it. A Danish word referring to a special feeling of homeliness and coziness, hygge describes the ideal living space. It’s the soothing warmth in your stomach that only comes when you enter a space that truly makes you feel safe and comfortable. So how can you achieve that homely feeling?

Let’s break it down further. Here are 4 ways you can make your space more hygge:

1. Choose organic colours

Scandinavian design is sleek and toned. Choose chalky greys, mossy greens and rich browns. Oh, and don’t forget a creamy beige. Accentuate the simplicity of the room with solid wood tables and cabinets. Our Rutendo Live Edge Extra Large Sideboard is an elegant and natural and a great example of the wooden tones you need.

  Rutendo Live Edge Extra Large Sideboard

2. Keep a simple aesthetic

  minimalist feel but natural woods and tones

Don’t crowd the space. A less busy space gives a more open feel, boosting the size of the room while keeping it personal. Opt for clean lines in furniture for a minimalist feel but natural woods and tones for a less clinical and more cosy result.

3. Add soft textures

Bring in textured add-ons like fluffy blankets and plush pillows. Our Montague Jumbo Cord Corner Sofa is super plush and cosy yet also sleek and simple.

  Our Montague Jumbo Cord Corner Sofa

4. Don’t forget smell

Hygge isn’t just about the look. It’s an experience and feeling that touches all the senses. Add scented candles to account for an extra sensory element or potted plants or flowers. The Woodwick candle range creates the sound of a crackling fire, adding sound to complete Hygge.

  Woodwick candle range


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