Minimalist or maximalist? 3 questions to ask yourself to determine if your space should be simple or extravagant

How to determine your style of decor

It can be a hard decision when you’re spoilt for choice; whether you’re thinking about redecorating a room or your entire home, you may need a little guidance on where to start and how to decide on what you’re aiming for. You might prefer a toned-down minimalistic style, or you’re thinking, the more the merrier! Here’s 3 questions you can ask yourself to help figure out if you desire a minimalist or maximalist design for your space.

1. Do I prefer vibrant colours or neutral tones?

Neutral tones such as cream, white, grey, and beige are ideal for keeping things fresh and bright with minimal fuss. You may wish to add a splash of colour occasionally, or just want to keep things as they are, but what if you want more? If you’re looking for bright and bold furniture to make a statement or to simply become part of the furniture (pun intended) there’s plenty of ways you can achieve this look. Our Chester Fabric Armchair exudes maximalist style and will add liveliness to any room with its variety of patterns and eye-catching colours; you can view it on our website here!

  Chester Fabric Armchair

2. Do I believe less is more?

You might feel that the best way of utilising your space is by combining as much furniture and accessories as possible, or you might want a space that is open and spacious, with just a select few pieces. Our Netsayi Green Velvet sofa is the perfect statement to any minimalist space, or can be paired perfectly with colour blocking pieces to create that eclectic vibe.

  Netsayi Green Velvet sofa

3. Do I get distracted easily?

If you feel that you could become easily distracted whilst trying to work or relax in a flamboyantly decorated space; it might be worth avoiding various patterns, fabrics, and colours to maintain simplicity. Sticking to familiar colour schemes and designs will keep things tranquil and help you clear your mind when needed. You can choose furniture pieces to help achieve this, whilst complimenting the style of your space. For example, our gorgeous Sengwa Ottoman can also be used as storage, which comes in handy if you feel the need to de-clutter your home of possessions without completely discarding them! And if you ever did want to bridge the gap between both sides and jazz up your space, the blush pink pairs perfectly with vibrant colours to give a maximalist vibe with minimal pieces of furniture.

  Sengwa Ottoman in room with yellow wall

Hopefully, you’ll feel that you’ve gained some clarity on how to decipher what style is best for you; make sure you check out our collection of furniture and accessories to give you some inspo on accomplishing this!

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