Finding your perfect sofa match

How to customise your home: 5 living room styles and how to choose your perfect sofa

Sofa styles for your lounge, tailored to your taste

The living room is the heart of your home and where you’ll spend a lot of your day. There are so many different living room styles out there to cater to every taste. Your living room is so much more than just a room, it’s somewhere to raise your family, entertain friends and spend a rainy afternoon relaxing, so it’s important to decorate it exactly to your taste. Here’s a handy guide on how to find your perfect sofa style:

Are you a sucker for that modern, sleek aesthetic?

Go for sofas that are blocked in shape. These are sofas that are rectangular or square, with neat corners and smooth edges. Choose strong, solid and neutral colours, like a dark charcoal or creamy grey. Our Njelele Sofa is ideal with its sleek box design which adds a modern feel to the room. It’s also available in soft grey and smooth vanilla – a monochrome lover’s dream!

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Are you an outdoors enthusiast?

Go for organic colours and soft shapes. Nothing in nature is perfectly angular or straight, so choose a sofa style with soft lines and earthy tones. Natural curves and shades of green and brown will bring the outside in to your living room. For added natural vibes, pair the sofa with rustic wooden tables and cabinets. The rounded corners of the Hillside 3 seater sofa are nature’s answer to comfort, available in a rich, forest green and pebble grey.

Rustic wooden dining table and chairs  

Do you have a taste for the grandeur?

If you like open, grand spaces, choose low level furniture for your living room style. Use couches with shorter back rests that are closer to the ground. This elongates the room, making the ceiling feel higher and opening the space. The Pebbles corner sofa is ultra low and sleek, perfect for adding style and space to your room.

  Ultra low and sleek sofa in modern living room
  The Pebbles corner sofa in blue is ultra low and sleek

Do you want a cosy, homely space?

For a snug, comfy feel, choose plush, poufy couches. Your sofas need to look plump enough to snuggle into and disappear off into a daydream. If squish is what you’re after from a sofa then our Vainona Sofa Set is your perfect match. It’s lush and cosy and ready for you to fall into.

Homely style sofa in situ   Vainona sofa set in cream, beige.

Want to go old school?

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Style your space with a dash of a sophisticated, old school poker room. Bring character to your living room with our Marlborough sofa set, its beautiful chesterfield design will transport you back in time and bring a little Bridgerton to your living room.

  Chesterfield style sofa in traditional style living room
  Marlborough Sofa in dark grey

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