4 Winter Home Trends That Will Carry You into Spring

Keep your home design up to date with the seasons

Can you feel it in the air? The slow yet imminent arrival of warmer weather? Now that the days are getting longer, it’s time to let in that fresh spring feel.
Here are four trends that will sail you into spring:

1. Feeling those florals

Florals are timeless, which means season-less, too. Rich flower patterns will make any room feel soft and cosy when paired with plump sofas and draped blankets. Yet, when that summer light comes in those same florals can feel fresh and vibrant, ramping up that spring feel in your living room.

  Grey sofa with floral decor

2. Bold and bejewelled

Moody and luxurious, using statement colours in a room can make it feel rich and cosy. Don’t be afraid of trying a shimmering turquoise or deep magenta. These jewel tones will make your living space feel velvety warm, vibrant and alive; the perfect style to suit all the seasons.

  Living room in bold colours

3. Cosy Countryside Cottagecore

Live a real-life fairytale with one of the latest trends that is taking over social media. Cottagecore – think of a storybook cottage in the woods with woven baskets, dried flowers, faded florals and a pile of knitted blankets stacked up in the corner. A warm, country aesthetic in your home will suit both cosy winters and slow summer mornings.

  Country-style kitchen

4. Simply Scandi

You’ll never go wrong with a simple, Scandinavian design. Clean lines, modern vibes, minimalism – all traits of a living space that will keep you calm, cosy and serene in winter yet carry you into a clean and airy spring. For the ultimate Scandi space, check out our blog on how to bring hygge into your home.

  Hygge living space


Make the most of the changing seasons and keep your living area feeling in balance. Have you tried any of these home winter trends? Browse our website for range of furniture to suit any design, from Cottagecore to Scandi. If you’re not sure where to start and need some inspo, why not sign up to our newsletter (below) and check out our bestselling sofas.

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