4 Ways To Transform Your Homeworking Space

Furniture and accessories to bring your homeworking space to life

The pandemic has certainly shifted the way we work, as working from home is now the new norm! It appears that many companies and freelancers alike will choose to remain working from home once restrictions have lifted, or at least divide the week into spending some days at home and some back in the office.
It is important to ensure that you have a designated space for working so you don’t end up blurring the lines between work and home life. This will help you retain your focus during the day and for when you need to switch off in the evening and separate yourself from your workspace.
You may already have an office at home which you’re looking to jazz up, or you might be using a section of another room to work in. Either way, we offer a diverse range of unique and affordable office furniture to help transform your homeworking space. Here’s our top tips on sprucing up your homeworking space along with some of our fantastic products.

1. Ditch the sofa for a desk!

  A work space with a wooden desk with black metal legs

Swap your sofa for a sturdy, sophisticated or snazzy office desk! Your desk will be the hub of your productivity and will make your working space feel more established. Our Chivi Hardwood Industrial Desk offers a rustic and warm feel to your working space. As well as making a visual statement, the desk provides plenty of working space with two storage drawers for your secret supply of snacks! You can view it on our website here.

  Wooden desk with black meta legs

2. Sit in style on a swivel chair

  Black swivel office chair

Another important element for your homeworking space is to make sure you’re sat comfortably. Your job may require you to spend a lot of time at your desk, so you’ll need a supportive and ergonomic chair. Our Simukai Swivel Office Chair is stylish and modern to adapt to many themes and adds a sense of professionalism to your working space; not to mention how comfortable they are for those long working days. You can order this chair in black or beige; view it here on our website.

3. Brighten up your working space with mirrors

  Gold-framed round mirror

There’s nothing worse than artificial lighting that makes you feel drowsy whilst trying to concentrate. Now that spring is here, try adding touches such as mirrors to reflect as much natural light into your working space as possible. This should help prevent that drowsy feeling as well as adding a bit of flair! You can check out our Imba Round Mirror here along with the rest of our mirror collection.

4. Purchase some plants!

  Person at laptop in home office

Plants and furniture go hand in hand, not only are they pleasant to look at, but they are also a simple and cost-effective way of keeping your homeworking space fresh, bright, and homely. Simple touches like this make all the difference!
Take a look at our entire office collection for more wonderful options of office furniture and accessories.